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You already know that Ozaukee County is a great place to live and work. Did you also know that the county is home to a wealth of natural resources? Our county has over twelve hundred acres of park land and nature preserves, almost twenty-five hundred acres of recreation land plus 50 designated natural areas encompassing over seven thousand acres. Most of us have visited only a few of these treasures.

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About Us

The Treasures of Oz is a partnership of organizations and individuals who bring together their efforts and resources to promote environmental awareness, education and stewardship of the natural resources of Ozaukee County. The Treasures of Oz project is a resource for those who live and recreate in Ozaukee County in order to foster awareness of their natural surroundings and to engage them in a meaningful and sustainable way. Our long term goal is to provide a vehicle for continued partnership, growth and collaboration for environmental stewardship in Ozaukee County.