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Get Your Permits and sign up for a garden plot

Seasonal Garden Permit

The City of Milwaukee will issue a Seasonal Garden Permit to garden on City-owned land if there is not a development proposal pending for that property. This permit will guarantee that you can harvest what you plant. The permit is good from about April 1 (or whenever you get your permit) through the end of October.

The application to MUG is simple (see here). MUG will help you garden and will have insurance to cover gardeners. MUG will be the permit holder and we -- MUG and your garden group -- will sign a garden agreement making it clear that you are planning and managing the garden.

The city will issue this permit to MUG and we will handle the paperwork, plus work to help you succeed in your garden.

After a couple of years of garden success, we can together consider obtaining a 3-year lease for the city property. A lease will allow you to do things such as building a picnic area, a rain collection system, a better composting system, a tool shed, and (if you want) some hoop shelters or other means of extending the growing season in our northern climate.

Leasing a private property

MUG will help you obtain a lease for gardening on private property. Contact Bruce Wiggins, executive director at (414) 431-1585.
Water for your garden

MUG is working with groups and individuals to harvest rainwater, which is cheaper and more sustainable than using water from hydrants. But we want to be sure that hydrant water is available during a drought and for gardens getting started, before they -- and we -- can raise money to collect rain or put in place other systems such a tap from a water line in the street.

If a neighbor will let you connect a hose to his/her spigot, that is a good solution for getting water for your garden. you may want to to negotiate to pay him or her for the water.

Fees for connecting to hydrants and using City water have increased this year. The Milwaukee water works will grant hydrant permits through Milwaukee Urban Gardens or the UW Extension Service. MUG's permit application form is HERE. The City's permit application is HERE. Fill out both of these forms and send them to MUG, 1845 N. Farwell Ave, Suite 100, Milwaukee, WI 53202. For further information, contact Bruce Wiggins at (414) 431-1585.
Sign Up For a Garden Plot This Summer

Many of our gardens have space available this year. We will post information on the locations of these gardens soon (the end of march or early April.) The end of may is the typical outside planting time in Milwaukee, so there is plenty of time. If you can't wait, contact Bruce Wiggins at (414) 431-1585.