Treasures of Oz

Celebrating the Natural Gems of Ozaukee County



The Ozaukee Treasures Network is hosting its first conference on September 27th.  The conference "Coming Together to Find our Collective Voice" brings together over 30 environmental organizations focused in the county to work on these goals:
  1. Communication and education among all levels of organizations working on mutual and interrelated projects within Ozaukee County to maximize ef´Čüciency, expand vision, enhance cooperation and mutual support. 
  2. Share experience and collective success to establish Ozaukee County as both a regional and national model for environment and conservation.
  3. Inspire partnerships and collaboration by linking groups with common goals, creating joint partnerships for both projects and grant opportunities. 
  4. Catalyze the success of all the groups within the network. 
  5. Increase the ability of Ozaukee County to improve quality of life for our entire community on all levels, which includes people, plants, animals, soils and water. 
  6. Enter into large initiatives, when desirable, as a cohesive force.