Treasures of Oz

Celebrating the Natural Gems of Ozaukee County



Ozaukee Bike Route LogoThe Ozaukee Bike Routes website, offering turn-by-turn directions for a variety of planned bicycling routes in Ozaukee County, can be found at Each route includes information on scenic views, historic villages, rest stops, parks and preserves and other points of interest.

The route descriptions, which can be downloaded free of charge, provide the length of each route and level of difficulty. They also give cyclists turn-by-turn instructions to follow through the countryside. The routes are carefully designed to avoid pitfalls such as dead-end roads and to lead riders to bike-friendly river and expressway crossings.

The routes have been created by Ozaukee Bikes Routes, an organization of volunteers devoted to facilitating the enjoyment of the county’s world class environment for bicycle touring. Its website provides detailed route descriptions for both the casual rider and the experienced touring cyclist.

The detailed, turn-by-turn directions for each ride are based on the personal cycling experiences of veteran bicyclists who have created the routes. They emphasize safety and the environment as well as fun. The routes also offer directions and descriptions from Ozaukee Interurban Trail publications and the Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department and the Treasures of Oz websites for parks and other natural resources.

Ozaukee Bike Routes also provides a place for cyclists to share knowledge and experiences related to cycling. We invite you to enjoy the riches of Ozaukee County in the fun and natural manner that only a bicycle can provide. Please visit us at