Treasures of Oz

Celebrating the Natural Gems of Ozaukee County



The Milwaukee River Watershed Fish Passage Program is, among other things, funding work on both Ulao Creek and Mole Creek.

Years ago, Ulao Creek was trenched for farming convenience and even buried in one spot for I-43 construction. The area just north of Hwy. 60/Ulao Road and extending north of Arrowhead Road is being rerouted into a lovely meander, similar to what it may have been in pre-settlement times. Along with the meander, wetland scrapes will extend the spawning areas for the fish that are returning as a result of the Fish Passage Program’s work in Ozaukee County.

This work is being done on private lands with owner contracts. Ulao Creek land owners are very excited about the work. Most are members of the Ulao Creek Partnership, which has worked for years to improve the health of this beautiful little creek and watershed.

Mole Creek is experiencing a similar reconstruction just south of Hillcrest Road in the Town of Saukville. The goal of this project is to create habitat that will support cold to cool-water fish and other aquatic life, including trout and to provide riparian habitat for wildlife