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Route M-13 Milwaukee River - Thiensville to Brown Deer

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Mostly suburban backyards with some mild class 1 rapids at water levels below 5.5* but passable at higher levels. Above 7.0* requires control over your boat to keep it in mid-river to avoid fallen trees on banks.

No motorboat traffic on this route.

Winds from N or NW favorable. Winds under 10 mph from south or west ok.

Launch at Thiensville Park, below the dam, with parking 20 yds from the river. Toilet in the park at the playground.

Take-out at Canoe landing 70 yards south of the Brown Deer Road bridge, on the right-west side. Parking 50 yds from river.

No toilet facilities.

Possible stopover or takeout 15 min earlier at River Barn Park (sign on west side) but not the best takeout with a 180 yard carry to the parking lot. Toilet facilities in pavilion next to the parking lot.

Shuttle via Green Bay Rd back to Thiensville Park, 4.5 miles.

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M-13 Thiensville Park Landing Below Falls
M-13 Thiensville Village Park Canoe Landing
M-13 Badger Meter Landing
M-13 Badger Meter Park Canoe Landing


250 Elm St, 53092, Thiensville, Wisconsin, United States


Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.232467700000000","longitude":"-87.978879500000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

M-13 Thiensville Village Park Canoe Landing<\/a><\/p>

250 Elm St, 53092, Thiensville, Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.230957000000000","longitude":"-87.979565000000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

M-13 Badger Meter Park Canoe Landing<\/a><\/p>

3829 W Brown Deer Rd, 53209, Brown Deer, Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


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