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Route M-9 Milwaukee River Saukville to Town of Grafton

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Length: 4.5 miles - ~2.5 hrs

Urban “backyards” most of the way. The river runs alongside a road for first 30 min. Wind from N is favorable.

This route mostly class #1 flat water with a two-foot drop at level 6.7*. After that, an occasional class 1.5 mild rapids.

You may scrape bottom under level 6.5*. 7 to 8* is a better run but stay to the center to avoid occasional fallen tree.

Launch at Ehlers Park one mile north of Saukville on Hwy W. Natural put-in with parking 30 yards from the river at the north entrance. Scenic picnic area and portable toilet.

Take out at the signed Town of Grafton canoe landing from the river, look right (west) to see new dock.

Shuttle back to Ehlers Park via County Hwy O to Saukville, then east on County Hwy W over the Milwaukee River, then north 4 miles to Ehlers Park north entrance.

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M-9 Ehlers Park Landing
Route M-9 Ehlers Park Landing
M-9 Cedar Sauk Rd Landing
Route M-9 Town of Grafton Landing


53080, Saukville, Wisconsin, United States


Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.381669100000000","longitude":"-87.940645300000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

Route M-9 Ehlers Park Landing<\/a><\/p>

53080, Saukville, Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.411486000000000","longitude":"-87.942326000000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

Route M-9 Town of Grafton Landing<\/a><\/p>

53024, Grafton, Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


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