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Route C-3 Cedar Creek - Creekside Park to Covered Bridge

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Very little development. Good wildlife viewing. Unique wild rice field in August.

Mostly woods and some farm fields.

Length Options:

A. Creekside to Krohn Landing = 2 miles ~1 hour by canoe or kayak. Mostly class 1 moving water with occasional class 1 mild rapids. Best at 6.5* May scrape bottom in low water times, i.e. below 5.5* Winds from W to NW favorable.

Creekside Park (10 yd. carry) is a natural launch. No public toilet facilities.

To avoid hard paddling through rice field in late August through September (see below), take out at NN alternate landing at Hub restaurant. Owner allows parking to boaters any day except Saturdays (wedding party only). Permission is not required. BTW, Hub Restaurant open for dinner only Tues-Fri 4-9pm.

Krohn Landing is at a rock-dam. Landing is NOT signed from river. If you make a sharp 90 degree turn south: you’re past it.

Carry 80 yd. from parking. No toilet facilities.

B. Krohn Landing to Covered Bridge Park = 1 mile ~30 min. To see rice fields paddle upstream ~300 yd.

Rocky rapids from Koehler Rd to Covered Bridge Park. Experience helpful for all water levels. Avoid fallen trees.

Take-out at Covered Bridge Park. ~80 yd. carry to parking

Wild rice harvesting info – see DNR website

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  Name Description Additional data
C-3 Creekside Natural Landing
Route C-3 Creekside Park Landing

Natural landing, small parking lot

C-3 NN - The Hub - Landing
Route C-3 NN Landing

Hub Restaurant (need permission). Take out to avoid rice field in August.

C-3 Krohn Landing
Route C-3 Krohn Park Landing

Roadside parking, 80 yd. path to creek

C-3 Covered Bridge Landing
Route C-3 Covered Bridge Landing

Carry to parking ~80 yd. from creek


53012, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, United States