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Route M-8 Milwaukee River, Fredonia to Saukville

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Length: 5 miles ~2.5 hrs. Waubedonia Park (Fredonia) to Ehlers Park (Saukville). Rest stop available at Hawthorne Hills.

Launch at Waubedonia Park just W of Fredonia at the West entrance. Park at ramp. Toilet available.

Alternate launch at Hawthorne Hills to avoid class 1.5 rocky rapids below Waubedonia Park

Take-out at Blue Heron Sanctuary, or Tendick Park, or Ehlers Park (see below for details)

General Route Description:

Pristine river with wooded and natural areas. Excellent wildlife viewing. Good fishing. Winds from N favorable

This route is mostly class 1 flat water except at low water <7* Class 2 rapids below Waubedonia Park. Some experience needed.

Best paddle at 7.5 to 8* to make rapids easier and to dodge rocks.

To avoid rapids, launch at Hawthorn Hills Park, below the rapids, but with a 100 yd. carry. From Waubedonia Park go ¼ mile west of Waubedonia Park on County A. Then one mile south on Hwy I. Then turn left (East) into the Pioneer Village entrance Continue past the Village keeping left at the Y (don’t turn right to the Peters Youth Camp. Since this is not an "official" landing, it is not signed), to a turn-around about 200 yd. further down the same road. Park at the turn-around Look for an unmarked path going east toward the river. Carry your boat about 100 yd. to the river. The path is sometimes muddy when river level is above level 7. Might want to scout it first.

Take-out at Ehlers Park (sign on river). Ehlers Park is on County Hwy W, 2 miles North of Saukville. There are two entrances to Ehlers Park, both with parking 30 yd. from natural “take-outs” on the river. Great picnic spot with portable toilet.

Earlier take-outs are available at Blue Heron Sanctuary (shorten trip by 30 min) or Tendick Park (shorten trip by 15 min). Be sure to spot your vehicle at these locations on Hwy O on the West side of the river 70 yd. carry at Blue Heron, 40 yd. carry at Tendick.

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M-8 Canoe Route Waubedonia Park
Route M-8 Waubedonia Park Landing
M-8 Hawthorne Hills Landing
Route M-8 Hawthorne Hills Park Landing
M-8 Blue Heron Landing
Route M-8 Blue Heron Sanctuary Landing
M-8 Tendick Landing
Route M-8 Tendick Park Landing
M-8 Ehlers Park Landing
Route M-8 Ehlers Park Landing


53021, Fredonia, Wisconsin, United States