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6 Tips for Spending More Time Outdoors This Winter

A dreamy wintertime setting

Since wintertime's right around the corner, one must think about all the great things that can be done during the coldest season. There's more to winter than sitting in your cozy living room, wrapped in a blanket, and watching your favorite TV show. To learn that, first, you must leave the house. That's a necessity. Today, we'll share some tips for spending more time outdoors this winter. Nature is glorious during this time of year, and there's no reason why you should miss out on it. That being said, let's dig our hands deeper into the various outdoor activities that await you this winter and how you can prepare for them.

#1 Clothing is very important (obviously)

Now, here's one straight from the oh-you-don't-say hat. Okay, so even though this seems too much on the obvious side, we can't skip emphasizing the importance of proper clothing during your wintertime outings. Choosing improper clothing to wear during wintertime activities is a big no-no. It will most probably ruin all the fun you could've had. So, conduct some research and give your winter gear some decent thought. Knowing that you've got a warm winter outfit ready to go makes you more likely to want to leave your home. For instance, a trusty pair of warm, insulated bibs are just the thing you need. They mightn't look so fancy, but you must be practical here. Therefore, one shouldn't be concerned too much with aesthetics.

A person in a black wintertime coat.

Make sure you're prepared for cold winter temperatures by wearing proper clothing.

#2 Learn to ski (or snowboard)

This one might match the obvious category, too. By learning how to ski or snowboard (if you haven't already), you'll have a lot of fun things to do once the cold weather approaches. These activities will motivate you to spend countless hours in the snow, enjoying the fresh winter air. However, learning the essential how-to isn't the only thing that matters here. You'll also need to obtain the proper equipment if you want to avoid various safety issues associated with these winter sports. Also, you should keep in mind that both of these activities are a bit costly to enjoy. There's a solution, as always: talk to a salesperson working at your local sporting goods store to get the necessary equipment at a price that's fair.

#3 Stop saying the weather is bad

Here's a tip concerned with how you lay out the perspective. We're pretty sure that most folks tend to comment on so-called bad weather once anything but the blue skies and sunshine appears on the menu. It might seem as if colder weather is somehow the awful thing that needs to be avoided. That couldn't be further from the actual state of things. Anyway, one needs to learn how to appreciate the cold weather. There's just too much beauty you'll miss out on if you've got the wrong attitude. Trust us; the so-called bad weather might be the most romantic background for a walk with your loved ones. Just make sure everyone's appropriately dressed for the occasion.

A snowy road surrounded by trees.

The weather isn't "bad"; it's your perspective that's to blame.

#4 Treat yourself once you're home again

Here's what you'll want to do: before you hit the outdoors, ensure you've laid out warm, dry clothes for once you're home again. Also, immediately jump into a hot, steamy shower or bath once you return. What about a glass of your favorite wintertime drink? Or a movie night on the sofa? It's up to you to make the best of the coldest season of the year. Here's another thing: they say that one of the main reasons we appreciate being outdoors in cold weather is that we've got a warm home ready to take us in once the timing's right. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that coat and go outside in the snow!

#5 Leave the city

We're not saying leave the city for good. We're saying: plan fantastic countryside winter weekend getaways. Many folks are dissatisfied with the city winter, and who could blame them? Winter city landscapes are usually a bit chaotic and slushy and don't really possess the infrastructure, so to speak, to serve as the background for traditional wintertime activities. Therefore, you should get out of the city as much as possible. Once you browse the offer, opt for places with trails as opposed to roads or natural sounds as opposed to artificial ones. Lastly, we can all agree that slushy brown snow, a common city thing, isn't an enjoyable sight to experience. Not to mention all the health benefits of spending time in nature.

a cardinal in a tree on a snowy day

Spending time surrounded by nature has a good number of various health benefits.

#6 Spend as much time with your loved ones as possible

For our last item on this list of tips on spending more time outdoors this winter, we've chosen to talk about making your wintertime outings something of a tradition within your community of friends or family. Once you stumble upon a neat idea, ask your friends whether they mind joining. Spending some quality time outdoors during winter is a thing everyone appreciates. We're sure that your friends won't be so hesitant to accept your lovely offer. For instance, you can ask your friends to go snowshoeing, one of our favorite wintertime activities. Also, there are many fun activities you can do in the backyard of your home. You have the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space. Just make sure you prepare your home for winter.

Lastly, we'll show you a list of activities you can enjoy this winter:

  • Organize a neighborhood snowball fight. No one's too old to enjoy this, well, traditional activity.
  • Build a snowman. Your kids will definitely appreciate the idea.
  • Have fun by spray painting the snow with food colors and water. You can mix it all up in a spray bottle.
  • Football in the snow? Don't be so quick to judge. First, you have to try it out.
  • Who's up for a sledding contest? Pick up some activities you've left in your past.
  • Anything you can think of, basically. This list could go on forever.

Final thoughts on the subject

Okay, folks, so that's about all that we've prepared for today on the subject of spending more time outdoors this winter. Hopefully, you've enjoyed our take on the topic. By following the tips we've shared, we're pretty sure cold weather won't demotivate you from being outside. As you could've seen, the number of fun wintertime activities is basically limitless.

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