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Conservation Hero to be Honored

Lake Michigan Conservation Heroes to be Honored during Lake Michigan Day Event on August 13th.

The Lake Michigan Stakeholders (LMS) has announced the individuals, organizations, businesses, and first nations it will celebrate for outstanding efforts to protect and enhance the lands and waters of the Lake Michigan basin. To honor and recognize their achievements and impacts, LMS will honor these Lake Michigan “Champions of Conservation” during the virtual Lake Michigan Day event on Friday, August 13th.

This year, the following nominees were selected as our Lake Michigan Champions of Conservation:

Marjie Tomter

In 2010, Marjie launched “Treasures of Oz,” an Ozaukee County‐wide celebration of special places, open spaces, and natural areas, accessible to the public, which represent critical collaborative restoration, protection, and preservation efforts. Over the course of the past 11 years, Marjie has been instrumental in driving significant new levels of engagement among community residents. Each year, Treasures consistently generates a high degree of awareness and energy and strong turnout from Ozaukee County communities. People eagerly await the unveiling of the sites that will be showcased each year, and on the day of the event, excitedly visit each of them and have their “Passport” stamped. Volunteer “docents” proudly staff the designated sites and share with visitors important information about land and water conservation efforts. This results in a more educated, more engaged, more empowered resident base!

In one of Wisconsin’s most conservative Counties, Marjie has established herself as a trusted, well-respected, and highly‐reputed environmental leader. She has a demonstrated ability to build authentic, meaningful relationships across political lines. She advocates for bipartisan action in advancing smart land and water conservation policy – and she models that philosophy. Her selfless service extends beyond the Treasures of Oz event; Marjie has assumed leadership roles with the Ozaukee Treasures Network; Ozaukee Washington Land Trust; Gathering Waters; Ulao Creek Partnership; and Ozaukee County Watershed Coalition. In short, Marjie is an unbelievable Champion of Conservation!

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