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coyote wisconsinThe coyote is about the size of a medium-sized dog. You can also think of it like this--picture the size difference between a fox and a wolf. Then imagine an animal that fits right in-between them in size. That's the size of a coyote. An adult male is 44 to 52 inches long, including its 14-inch tail. It weighs between 25 to 42 pounds. Look for its long, thin legs, a tapered muzzle, yellow-colored eyes like foxes, and rather large, pointed ears. It also has a bushy, black-tipped drooping tail.


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 pdfCoyote Hazing Techniques

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Living with Coyotes

Presented by Lynsey White Dasher, Urban Wildlife Specialist with The Humane Society of the United States. She discusses preventing Coyote conflicts: How to keep Coyotes out of your yard and keeping your pets safe.

Q&A from Bloomington MN