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An Old Fashioned Strategy to Keep Asian Carp at Bay in the Great Lakes

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Popular to contrary belief, carp taste good and aren’t bottom feeders. Talking people into this is another story. Anyway, that brings up an offbeat suggestion, courtesy of Louisiana state:  Why don't we just start eating Asian carp? Sure, the carp isn't a hit with diners, but neither was the Patagonian toothfish—until some clever marketer rebranded it "Chilean seabass" and it became so popular that it's now severely overfished. Same thing happened to the slimehead when it was recast as "orange roughy." If there's one thing humans are good at, it's scarfing down fish so quickly that stocks collapse. So why not put this superpower to good use and rebrand the Asian carp something like the "silverfin"?

To keep Asian carp, an invasive species, from taking over in the Great Lakes, scientists and fishermen are employing an simple strategy: Catch them and eat them. But they have found that there are some pragmatic issues -- as well as marketing issues -- to overcome. Ash-har Quraishi of WTTW Chicago reports.