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Wizard of Oz - September 2012 - Jeanne Lord


Wildlife education and rehabilitation - where a true wizard makes a difference.

Jeanne LordFor well over thirty years, Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center has been there to aid wildlife in distress, both ill and injured. And Pine View takes this one step further - prevention through public education. But Pine View is the center, not the force, not the wizard. It is the home to our Wizard of Oz for September, 2012, Jeanne Lord, the director, the inspiration and the soul of this wonderful place. Jeanne and her late husband, Carl, began Pine View in Fredonia in 1981 as a place to care for injured animals, including wildlife. Nothing of this sort existed in Ozaukee or Washington counties prior to that time. Numerous birds, turtles and mammals have found refuge and loving help from Jeanne and her staff and volunteers for over thirty years.

Pine View has centered its focus since its early days of operation. In the last ten years, Jeanne has specialized in treating birds of prey and initially was the only rehabilitator in this area licensed by the state to work with raptors. At this point, the Centerʼs intake of wildlife in need runs between 300 and 400 individuals, many of whom are healed, rehabilitated to get along on their own again in the wild and then released, the ultimate success, one creature at a time.

Besides directly rescuing and rehabbing sick and injured wildlife, Jeanne and her staff run an educational outreach program that provides over one hundred programs yearly to schools, civic and environmental organizations. Treasures of Oz had been fortunate to have Jeanne include our June event in her outreach and many of our visitors have delighted in meeting Jeanne and her raptors as they visit Forest Beach Migratory Preserve. Jeanneʼs passion for wildlife and the environment is contagious. She is an inspiration to her amazing staff. the Pine View volunteer force, interns, board of directors, her students and anyone fortunate enough to spend time in her presence. Her influence extends beyond Pine View to the college classroom at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, where she teaches biology and wildlife science.

Jeanne Lord has, for over thirty years, and to this day continues to, heal and protect the wildlife and environment of Ozaukee County through hands-on healing and through education. She inspires and teaches others to continue on the same path. Treasures of Oz is proud to name this wonderful woman Wizard of Oz for September, 2012.