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Celebrating the Natural Gems of Ozaukee County


Kurtz Woods: Garlic Mustard



Help us remove this invader and keep our local natural areas healthy!

Join the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust as we pull and bag garlic mustard for the 2021 Garlic
Mustard Pull-A-Thon, a regional competition organized by the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive
Species Consortium.

Have fun outdoors and raise funds as you care for our wild areas!

Garlic mustard is an invasive plant that's taking over our woodlands. It crowds out our beautiful native wildflowers and endangers forests by preventing tree seedlings from growing.

Please bring work gloves and boots appropriate for working outdoors. Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be maintained but a face covering is required to have in case situations of closer than 6 feet occur.

The number of volunteers per event is restricted and all activities are pre-register only. Contact Josh at  if you would like to register.

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