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Our Sites from South to North

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Sites are open 9-3 for tours Forest Beach Celebration from Noon to 6

Donges Bay Gorge Nature Preserve

Discover the deep ravines and learn about ravine ecology with expert Matt Smith. Walk the trail and bridges of the preserve. See the stone relics from when this property was an elegant estate. Do some birding with birding experts. Bring your camera and capture the dramatic images of this unique preserve.

Virmond Park

Check out the magnificent overlooks and surprising features of this coastal county park, including the first engineered Chimney Swift chimney in Ozaukee. Wetland restoration, amphibians and other critters will be on the agenda.

Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve & Clay Bluffs/Cedar Gorge Nature Preserve

Get a first peek at the plans for our newest coastal preserve that lies just north of Lion’s Den and learn about plans for its deep gorge, future trails and beach with Ozaukee County’s Matt Aho.

Delve into the significance and history of the clay bluffs with expert, Dale Buser. Take some time to explore this spectacular preserve with its trails along the bluff and down through the ravines to the lake below. You will want to bring a camera.

South Beach Port Washington

Walk this beautiful beach under the shadow of the Port Washington Clay Bluffs. Explore the glacial geology of the bluffs with hydrogeologist Tom Kroeger, DNR. Learn about The Return of the Sturgeon project with Mary Hollebeck. Check out the Peregrine Falcon nesting boxes and shorebird birding with expert birders, Becca Sher and Seth Cutright. Get smart about water safety on the lake with staff from the Kettle Moraine-Feith Family YMCA.

Upper Lake Park in Port Washington

Enjoy this spectacular overlook on Lake Michigan! Check out the newest trail. Discover so much about the coastal happenings in Port Washington by talking with expert on these topics and more.

  • NOAA Marine Sanctuaries
  • Ozaukee shipwrecks and local diving
  • The Lake Michigan Water Trail
  • The new multi-use and mountain bike trail in the park
  • The Port Exploreum
  • WI Clean Marina Program
  • The Port Washington historical lighthouse
  • Great Lakes Coastal Tourism
  • WI Coastal Management Program
  • UW Sea Grant Program
  • Rip current forecasting program research
  • Port Washington Gateway Project and more

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

As always, all trails lead to the Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, a “Five Star Bird Hotel” and Celebration Headquarters. Explore the trails, the hawk watch tower and the wetlands area birding platform. Spend morning time with Bill Mueller, Director of Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory or afternoon time with naturalists Kate Redmond and Freda Van den Broek learning about the dragonflies and butterflies at this diverse and beautiful preserve.

USF & WS Cedar Grove WPA

Learn about Waterfowl Production Areas, especially this one along the Lake Michigan Flyway. It is a major breeding area and significant stopover for birds during spring and fall migrations. Staff from USF&W and Ozaukee County Land & Water Management will be on hand to talk birds and the efforts at local and federal levels to protect them.