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Ozaukee is fast becoming a destination for kayakers and canoeists in the area, whether they prefer the open waters of Lake Michigan or exploring the rivers and creeks. Choosing a location truly depends upon the boat and how it, and the boater, handles different water conditions.

Lake Michigan

The Ozaukee Coast has a wonderful shoreline, flat and sandy in the north and rocky with towering bluffs in the south.  The Ozaukee Coast is included in the developing Lake Michigan Water Trail and there will likely be more kayaks along the coast as the trail attracts visitors from distant shores.

Just a note, if one kayaks south from Port Washington and stays close to shore, it seems far from civilization as the cliffs obstruct views beyond the rocky beaches.  A kayak from the South Beach Kayak Launch to Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve takes anywhere from a half to an hour and a half in good waters.  Lion’s Den is a nice place to pull in to shore for a rest and a beach walk before heading back to South Beach.

Remember to always check the weather and wind conditions before kayaking on Michigan.  Be sure your kayak is designed for open water and you have experience in that setting.  On many days, you may be the only boat along the coast so you need to be self-reliant.

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