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Route M-11 Milwaukee River - Lime Kiln Park to Garrison Glen

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  • Launch at Lime Kiln Park in Grafton. Parking 10 yds from river. Toilet available at entrance shelter at this park.
  • Take-out at Garrison Glen at Pioneer Rd. Parking 20 yds from river. No toilet facilities
  • This route has some mild class 1 rapids. Scrape bottom sometimes when level is below 6.0*. Above 7.5* it is a fast run; only for experienced paddlers. Winds from N or NW favorable or under 10 mph from E or SE
  • Mostly woods with excellent wildlife viewing. Very little development.
  • Scenic Dells area immediately after Lime Kiln Park.
  • Follow the main flow of river through this multi-channeled area. Stay right.
  • Always consider your ability for the river conditions. Avoid fallen trees.
  • Adjacent to the Garrison Landing, Garrison Glen Park offers a grassy path through a beautiful wetland area.
  • Shuttle via Pioneer Rd to Port Washington Rd (Hgy W) to Lakefield Rd (Hgy T) to Green Bay Rd. 5 miles to Lime Kiln Park.
Length 2.5 miles - ~ 1 hr by canoe or kayak
Hydrographs: Milwaukee River Near Cedarburg



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