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Route M-12 Milwaukee River - Garrison Glen to Villa Grove Park, or Thiensville Park

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There are three optional paddling segments:

Option 1: For a 1.5 hour paddle, put in at Garrison Glen on Pioneer Rd and take-out at Moonlight Launch ¼ mile south of Highland Rd on Island Drive. Garrison Glen has parking 20 yds from river. No toilet. For the first mile, some mild class 1.0 rapids at water levels below 6.0* but passable at higher levels. If the river is above level 7* stay to center to avoid fallen trees.

After the first mile, the river is slow and flat with many riverfront homes and some motorboat traffic on weekends.

Option 2: For a 1 hr flatwater paddle, start at Moonlight launch and take out at the dock at Villa Grove Park with parking 20 yds from river and toilet facilities.

Option 3: Continue downstream from Villa Grove for a 30 min calm paddle to Thiensville Park. This is slow, flat water so you could start at Thiensville to go upstream to Villa Grove., or make it a “round trip”. There is a small boat dock and toilet in Thiensville Park next to the playground.

Winds from N or E favorable. West or south winds under 10 mph are ok.

Shuttle back to your launch site via Port Washington Rd (Hgy W) then west to Pioneer Rd for Garrison Glen or Highland Rd and East Shoreland Dr and Island Drive to Moonlight.

Length ~ 5 miles - ~ 2.5 hrs by canoe or kayak - or shorter 1.5 hr paddle to Moonlight Launch near Highland Rd
Hydrographs: Milwaukee River Near Cedarburg



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