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Route M-6 Milwaukee River - Newburg to Hwy A

Location: Newburg Show More
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Length: 5.5 miles - ~3.0 hours Newburg to county Hwy A

Pristine river of woods and natural areas. Winds from South are favorable

Excellent wildlife viewing through Riveredge Nature Preserve A bald eagle is often sighted on this route

This route is mostly class 1 flat water with some riffles at lower levels.

You may scrape bottom in low water below 6*.  Best paddle at levels 7 to 8*.

Launch at Falkner Park or Fireman’s Park in Newburg Parking is 40 yards from river.

Take-out at Hwy A, 3 miles West of Fredonia Natural take-out may be wet.

Shuttle via County M northwest from Newburg  After 1 mile, stay right to Hwy M   In 2 miles, turn right onto County A.  Go East on County A ½ mile to bridge over Milwaukee River. Park along the road on the southeast side of the bridge.

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  Name Description Additional data
M-6 Fireman's Park Landing
Route M-6 Fireman's Park Landing

West side of park near island

M-6 Falkner Park landing
Route M-6 Falkner Park Landing

Alternate Landing

M-6 Hwy A Landing
Route M-6 Hwy A Landing

Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.434148000000000","longitude":"-88.049120000000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

Route M-6 Fireman's Park Landing<\/a><\/p>

53060, Newburg, Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.433401000000000","longitude":"-88.043819000000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

Route M-6 Falkner Park Landing<\/a><\/p>

53060, Newburg , Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


Show in Google Maps<\/a><\/p><\/div>","latitude":"43.433797000000000","longitude":"-88.048964000000000","icon":""},{"txt":"

Route M-6 Hwy A Landing<\/a><\/p>

53021, Fredonia, Wisconsin, United States<\/p>


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